Who We Work With

NHS: Trusts, Deaneries, Primary Care Organisations, FSD Network

Professional Bodies:  including CIMA; ACCA; HFMA

Finance teams looking to make changes in how they work in order and what the deliver in order to add more value and contribute to business success.

Newly appointed and experienced leaders who want some tailored one to one support.

Clients that typically get the best results from working with us:

Can clearly articulate the results they want to achieve, the benefits that the want to deliver and the difference it will make to the organisation.

Are highly committed to continually improving.  They understand that they cannot stand still.  They want to learn.  They want to deliver the best possible service that they can.

Recognise that there is no magic formula.  They understand that any change or improvement is going to take time to deliver the benefits.

Are open minded and value external input.  They don’t pretend that they will always have all the answers.  They are open to new ideas and suggestions.

Want to achieve results that are going to be sustainable in the long term rather than simply doing a number of find quick fixes.

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