What Leaders and Managers Prefer To Avoid

From the outside looking in being a leader or manager can seem like it is really straightforward.  In reality it can be a real challenge with many setbacks in addition to successes.

People will generally accept that things might not always go as they would like.  On the other hand they find it much more difficult if it appears that leaders and managers are simply avoiding things because it is deemed too difficult.

So what type of things do leaders and managers tend to avoid that frustrates others and reduces credibility?

Dealing With The Toxic Individual On A Team

Most will put their views forward in a constructive way.  At the same time there are others who just seem to be destructive in what they say and do.  The right thing is to call people on this behaviour.  This however takes courage to do.  The avoiding tactic seems easier.  If it is not nipped in the bud early it becomes harder and harder to address.

Facing The Reality

This might be in relation to financial or operational performance and the scope for improvement.  Sometimes when under pressure you want to convince yourself and others around that a situation is retrievable when all other indicators would say otherwise.

Listening To Others Views When That Is The Best Approach

Listening is one of the most valuable things leaders and managers can do.  And it is one of those areas that they seem to struggle with.  Learning provides insights, ideas and improves engagement.

Being Seen As Not Knowing

Self awareness is a great quality.  Many leaders and managers acknowledge this but find it difficult to accept that it is difficult to be expert in everything.  Confident leaders and managers build a team around them with a mix of skills and attributes.  They then allow others to take the lead when it is the right thing to do.

What else would you add to the list based on your experiences?

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