What Every NHS Team Needs To Achieve Success

When teams are successful it is a win-win all round.  The organisation, the employees, the clients and service users all benefit.

At the same time success through teams does not happen by chance.  So what does every NHS team need to focus on to increase the chances of success?

Clearly Defined Outcomes

Yes there are targets that have to be achieved.  Targets are achieved through a series of different outcomes.  Take the target for emergency patients as an example.  It depends on all staff doing what they should, the results of tests being available promptly, a steady flow of patients through the emergency department, wards freeing up beds to name just a few things.

Take the overall goal and break it down into a smaller series of outcomes.  This will allow you to review and see what’s working and what needs attention.

Alignment Behind A Common Purpose

Think about it, if people are merely pursuing what matters to theme, all you will end up with is a disjointed service.  Aligning people behind a common purpose is vital and in reality tougher than it seems

The Appropriate Resources

When we think resources we often equate this to mean money.  While money is important there is much more than money that contributes to the provision of quality care.  Things like equipment, facilities, skills, knowledge and experience are also important.

The Right Mindset

The demands on people in the NHS and healthcare generally are seen as unprecedented.  When you are facing unprecedented demands it is easy to get disillusioned and deflated.  Having a proactive, positive and can do attitude can make a big difference.

Supportive Leadership

Few if anyone turns up with the intention of doing a bad job.  When leaders are supportive, encourage, acknowledge and recognise both efforts and achievements, people go that bit further to deliver.

Willingness To Learn

One of the great strengths of NHS staff is that they know their business.  While this is a real positive it can also mean that people are closed minded to learning from other sectors.

Like all sectors there are things that make the NHS a bit different.  At the same time being willing to learn from other sectors can provide new insights, ideas and inspiration.  It may mean that something that works in another sector may need to be tailored and generally tailoring something is much easier than starting with a blank piece of paper.

An Abundance Of Realism

In a big organisation like the NHS, making change takes a lot of time, energy and commitment.  The reality is that you are going to have to start small and build, accepting that there will be setbacks along the way.

The truth is teams have real potential to deliver great results if they are supported to do so.

What insights would you offer in getting the best from teams in the NHS?

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