The Challenges Of Getting Teams To Work Together In The NHS

Ask most people in an organisation if a team of people working together achieve better results than working alone, most will agree that they do.  Despite this team working in large organisations like the NHS is often a struggle.

So why is team working such a big challenge in the NHS?

High Numbers Of Highly Qualified People

Everyone understands that to gain a professional or advanced level academic qualification requires a lot of hard work.  By their nature achieving success in these exams requires a huge amount of personal commitment.  What you achieve is down to you and you alone.  As a result it is sometimes difficult to accept the concept of working with others.

Distrust Within Or Between Teams

One of the most important aspects in having high performing teams is creating an environment of trust.  There is often a huge amount of distrust, especially between clinical and managerial staff.

There Is No Personal Incentive

In the NHS and public sector organisations generally, there tends to be defined pay bands.  Whether you do the minimum or go the extra mile is not necessarily recognised in any significant way, at least financially.

People Become Entrenched

It is really easy to get entrenched in the challenges or struggles within your area.  When this happens it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.   When this happens the focus can easily go to the challenges or struggles to the detriment of service users or patients.

People Don’t Necessarily Get Trained In How To Work Effectively In Teams

At times of financial struggle it is easy to see this as optional, nice to have but not necessary.  Trouble is research shows that when all the focus is on doing things, morale falls through the floor, which impacts on productivity, performance and results.

Teams are essential to success in NHS organisations.  How effective are your teams?

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