Team Leadership Success – The Benefits of Letting Go

As a leader you know that if you are going to achieve anything of significance you need to:

  • Get people engaged and supporting what it is you are trying to achieve
  • Utilise all of the resources that you have at your disposal
  • Be personally productive so that you focus and maximise your own personal contribution to delivering results
  • Keep people’s motivation high through both the good and difficult times.

While this might seem really simple in theory, many leaders often find out that it in the real world it is much more difficult to achieve.  We all know that part of the process for getting the best from people is to them to a point where they become confident and competent at what they do.  Yet sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that we can get better at something by doing it less.  Now I know you know that this is ludicrous and it is.

On the other hand does what you do and what you think stack up?  Many leaders talk about the importance of empowerment then hold on to everything at the top of the organisation.  Others empower and then try to micro manage everything.  Empowering is about being clear on what you want to achieve and getting out of the way.  Yes there are risks and it is challenging but not impossible to do.

Some fail to create the conditions where people feel that they have the support or encouragement to take balanced risks.  Yet here is the reality.  If you are ever going to lead a team, function, project or even organisation that delivers to its true potential, you have to be willing to let go.  When you decide to let go a ton of benefits start to be realised.

  1. People start to be proactive and make things happen rather than waiting to be told what to do. They become much more active and a lot less passive.
  1. Morale and motivation increases and as we all know a highly motivated group or team is always going to give more. Just thing of your best team experiences and you will see how much impact motivation had.
  1. Everyone is much more productive and productive people deliver more.
  1. Creativity is unleashed rather than being stifled.
  1. You achieve success individually and so does everyone associated with the team and organisation.

The Bottom Line: If you are serious about success in leading a team, you have to learn to let go.

Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals be better team leaders