Take Time To Acknowledge Others

As we approach the Christmas period, those in the NHS know that they are moving into an extremely busy period.  I still remember being an On Call Director during that time.  What we all know is that staff will rise to the challenge and deal with whatever comes their way.


When you are in a busy and demanding environment, it is sometimes easy to get so wrapped up in doing.  While this is understandable, it is vital that people are acknowledged and recognised for the effort that they have put in day after day, week after week and month after month.  Maybe you think that some sort of generic email message will do the job.  It is certainly better than nothing.  On the other hand what I have found that making the time to go and speak to staff and thank them personally for all of their hard work can go a long way.


Acknowledging, praising and recognising people has a huge impact in their motivation and engagement.  It will also earn you a huge amount of respect.


So if you want to continue to get results through others and achieve what you have to personally and professionally, take the time to acknowledge the contribution of others.


Duncan Brodie is Managing Director of Goals and Achievements and helps healthcare organisations achieve more success through people.  Learn more here