Motivation, Productivity, Safety, Quality and User Satisfaction

In any organisation, people make a huge contribution to the results that are achieved.  In a people centred organisation like the NHS, people really are the big factor in the results that are achieved.  At the same time there are often huge variations in the effectiveness of organisations in looking after their greatest asset and single biggest expense.


Ultimately the levels of motivation people have impacts on everything.


Motivated employees benefit NHS organisations by getting things done and being more productive.  Think about it productive employees are going to focus on making the best use of resources at their disposal.  They will tend to work more efficiently personally and also in teams.  If they are making best use of resources it has a positive impact on money which is always something that is a challenged.


Motivated employees are more likely to make sure that while working smart they are also taking care of safety and quality.  Few really turn up to work with the intention of doing anything less than their very best.  When the focus is doing their very best, safety and quality is at the forefront of people’s minds.


Motivated employees have a huge impact on user satisfaction.  With the non stop demands on employees, sometimes it is a challenge to keep a focus on doing what is right for the users of services.  De-motivated employees are likely to have the opposite effect.  This can present some real issues in terms of reputation and with media so easily available, can quickly get out of control


The Reality:  Motivated employees make a huge difference in all organisations.  In a people centred organisation like the NHS this is even more essential.  So what are you doing to keep motivation high and deliver great performance?


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