Reviewing The Healthcare Leadership Model

Over the last 6 months or so the NHS Leadership Academy has been working on a new Leadership Model for Healthcare.  This has now been published on their site.


The model identifies 9 specific dimensions:


  1. Inspiring shared purpose


  1. Leading with care


  1. Evaluating information


  1. Connecting our service


  1. Sharing the vision


  1. Engaging the team


  1. Holding to account


  1. Developing capability


  1. Influencing for results


For each of the dimensions what it is, why it is important and what is it not are clearly identified.


Additionally within each of the dimensions there are examples of the behavioural indicators, ranging from essential through to exemplary.


I was always pleased to see that people were discouraged from viewing it in a yes/no context and instead really using it to reflect.


For me with any type of leadership model and framework it is vital that you look for concrete evidence or examples to really support your assessments.


Third party feedback is also vital too as people can often see qualities that we cannot see for ourselves.


It is therefore encouraging that the Academy intends to develop both a self assessment tool and feedback tool.


Like all models the real proof in the pudding will be when people from different disciplines in the NHS take it and work with it.


Nevertheless this is an excellent resource for leaders at all levels of the organisation as a basis for getting a stake in the ground and planning development.


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The NHS Leadership Academy Healthcare Leadership Model can be accessed here