Great Service When You Need It Most

The NHS is a massive organisation. Like all organisations most of the time it does an outstanding job, even when faced with some huge pressures.

A lot of discussion centres around emergency treatment and whether it works as it should.

Based on a recent personal experience I can personally say that it does.

I was just about to sit down to dinner and all of a sudden broke into a sweat, felt dizzy. Next thing I know my wife is speaking to me checking that I can hear her.

I had fainted. At that point it would have been easy to dial 999. Instead we started with the NHS 111 service. The call handler spoke initially to my wife and then me.

After going through the questions, she advised that she was going to recommend I was seen at the GP Out of Hours Service within 2 hours and that someone would call.

Within 30 minutes the GP Out of Hours Service called and arranged for me to see a GP within the hour.

I was seen at my allocated time and given a thorough examination by the GP and advised what I should do next in terms of follow up with my own GP.

I never have had to use this service in the past for myself. What I can say is that I was hugely impressed by the whole experience.

I followed the recommended protocols, was dealt with professionally and could not have asked for more.

While there are always going to be times when the NHS can do better, it’s important to remember that when you need it most the service is ready to do what it does best.

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements help health professionals to become even better leaders and managers.