Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward However Difficult It Might Seem

Anyone who has ever worked in healthcare will tell you that sometimes it is easy to get stuck and in a downward spiral.  This might be due to whole host of factors including:

  •  Struggles with meeting targets for seeing patients in Accident and Emergency
  •  Rising levels of patient complaints
  •  Delays in paying suppliers
  •  Making working relationships across health economies more productive

….And many more

When you are in that downward spiral it can feel like there is nothing that you can do and it is all a lost cause.

In reality this is never the case.  While you might not be able to overcome every problem in one step, there is always progress that can be made.  Trouble is we get so wrapped up in the barriers and blocks that we can easily lose sight of the possibilities.

One way to break this cycle is to use a very simple but powerful question

How Can I?

Here is how it works:

Identify a problem or challenge that you currently have.

Next start to list all the possibilities in terms of what you could do, At this stage don’t worry too much about the practicalities.

Once you have all of your options start to prioritise.  This can be as simple as rating in terms of ease of doing and impact if successful.  Obviously if you identify something that is really easy to and has high impact this is the ideal place to start.

The Bottom Line: If we focus all of our attention on the negatives, all that we see are the barriers.  If we ask ourselves How Can I we change our focus from the barriers to the possibilities.

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