Changing Attitudes To Staff In The NHS

A few months ago Andrew Hine KPMG’s head of healthcare wrote an article in the magazine Professional Manager.  The core of the article was the importance of changing the way staff are treated.  Specifically moving from a traditional view of treating people as an expense rather than an asset.

So how might that be achieved in practical terms?

Acknowledge That The NHS Is Still Very Much A People Based Organisation

Yes there have been huge advances in technology, equipment, drugs and treatments.  Yet without people all of this is pointless.  Caring requires people not machines.

Make It Easier For People To Work Flexibly

In some areas there is a huge dependency on temporary staff to provide cover for vacancy and sickness.  However there is more than likely people who want to return to their area of work in a way that fits around other priorities.  Making it as easy as possible by being flexible can make a big difference.

Treat People As Professionals

There are few organisations that have such an abundance of highly talented people as the NHS.  Yet the way in which they are managed does not always reflect this and can easily lead to a lack of engagement.

Get People Doing What They Do Best

Some have the potential to work beyond their areas of core expertise.  Others have the potential but don’t want to move beyond their profession.  Ultimately you want people doing what they do best as it is a win-win all round.

Plan For The Long Term

We have been fortunate to have many dedicated people who have given the majority and sometimes all of their career to one or a few healthcare organisations.  However, with an ageing workforce it is vital that plans are made to ensure the next generation of dedicated people come through.

Praise More

Things go wrong in the NHS as they do in all organisations.  Yet we all know that the number of times things go well is way in excess of the times when things don’t quite work out as planned.  It is vital to acknowledge and praise the good work that is done.

Listen Learn and Act

It is no surprise that those organisations that are regarded as the best organisations tend to have the highest levels of engagement.  If you want people to be engaged it is vital that you listen, learn and are willing to act on others ideas.

The Bottom Line: The performance and results an NHS organisation is hugely influenced by what people do and how they engage.  What more could you do in your organisation?

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