30 Thoughts On Leadership

In any organisation in any sector being a leader is demanding and the NHS is no exception.  There are many stakeholders with different interests and motivations.  Yet in my experience there are some common themes that contribute to the success you achieve.


Here is my top 30 and would love to hear your thoughts too.


  1. Remember that you cannot achieve great results working in isolation.


  1. Great leaders encourage and support others to achieve success.


  1. When people collaborate rather than compete, everyone wins.


  1. The people that you lead are the catalysts to your success.


  1. Good leaders are good communicators.  Great leaders are great listeners.


  1. People thrive on feedback so make time to give it regularly.


  1. Trust is not desirable on a team, it is essential to delivering great results.


  1. Just because you are the most senior does not mean that you are the best at everything.


  1. The best leaders have a high level of self awareness.


  1. Waiting for the perfect time or perfect information is pointless.


  1. Decisions are the catalyst for action which are the catalyst for results.


  1. You never know it all so keep developing yourself.


  1. Winning hearts and minds is really the key to making change a reality.


  1. Making mistakes as a leader is almost guaranteed. It is how you respond that matters.


  1. If you are not encountering some setbacks from time to time you are probably playing it safe.


  1. People don’t follow you based on seniority.


  1. It’s easy to come up with the problems the challenge is finding the solutions.


  1. Being smart or intelligent does not guarantee success as a leader.


  1. You set the tone based on how you act and behave.


  1. People are not an expense but an asset.  Make sure you invest in your people assets.


  1. When you put your personal agenda ahead of results you limit your success.


  1. Leadership involves both risk and rewards.  You cannot expect results without balanced risk taking.


  1. The best leaders care about others success.


  1. Taking responsibility is not optional for leaders.  Don’t pass the buck.


  1. You deliver your best results when you play to your strengths.


  1. You know a motivated team delivers better results.  Make time to find out what motivates others.


  1. Creating a culture of balanced risk taking encourages you and others to innovate.


  1. You do not need to generate all the ideas as the leader.


  1. Imperfect action beats perfect procrastination every time.


  1. Creating the right environment is part and parcel of success through teams.


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