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Why Team Working Matters In The NHS

The NHS is one of the largest organisations in the world.    Even a small NHS Trust would be considered large compared to the majority of organisations.  Given the size of the organisation, it takes a lot of people working together to achieve anything. For example, think about the number of people involved in getting a […]

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Team Working and Collaboration In The NHS

A lot is written about the importance of team working.  What is clear that while team work is important in most organisations, it is absolutely vital in the NHS.   Sadly there is often a huge variation in the levels of team work and collaboration.  Some do it extremely well.  Others get it right in […]

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5 Team Working Challenges For Doctors

Team working is key to delivery of great patient services in the NHS. At the same time many people in leadership and management roles fail to utilise anything approaching the potential of a teams. Working with over 500 doctors, here are 5 of the most common team working challenges facing doctors that were highlighted. Challenge […]

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