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1 How To Improve Team Working In The NHS

Many organisations including the NHS understand the importance of good team working to deliver great performance.  At the same time there is often a huge gap between what people understand and what they do.   Every patient intervention requires contributions from many different groups of staff.  Given this reality one would have thought people would […]

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Improving Team Working In The NHS

Being one of the biggest employers in the world means that there is huge potential for teams to deliver great results.  While there are many examples of teams working together, there are also opportunities to improve team working between different disciplines. So what can the NHS do to get even better at team working?   […]

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Why Team Working Is Essential To Success In NHS Organisations

The NHS is one of the largest organisations in the world.  This was illustrated well when the NHS was able to secure Bill Gates of Microsoft as a speaker because the NHS was one of their biggest customers.  Even a small NHS Trust would be considered large compared to the majority of organisations.  Given the […]

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