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Getting A Team That’s Struggling Back On Track

All good leaders and managers understand the importance of teams to the results that they achieve.  At the same time even the best teams can have times when things are a struggle and not going as well as they could. So when a team is struggling, what can you do a leader or manager to […]

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8 Key Characteristics of Effective Teams

You can probably think of teams that you have been involved in that were highly effective.  In those teams there were likely to be certain characteristics that those teams had.  So what characteristics would they have?   1.                Care for each other   The teams that are most effective care about each other.  They have […]

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Improving Team Working In The NHS

Being one of the biggest employers in the world means that there is huge potential for teams to deliver great results.  While there are many examples of teams working together, there are also opportunities to improve team working between different disciplines. So what can the NHS do to get even better at team working?   […]

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