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There’s No Right Approach To Job Search

I was running an online workshop a while back. One of our discussion points was around the different approaches people were taking when it comes to job search. If you are an accountant or professional looking for your next role, you might think there is a right or wrong way to approach it. My view is there is […]

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It All Starts With Getting Clarity When It Comes To Job Search

Searching for a job at the best of times is a challenge. In these uncertain times that we find ourselves in it’s become tougher in my view. When I’m speaking to accountants and professionals looking to land their next job, there’s something I frequently notice. Many start in the completely wrong place. Often they think it’s all about their […]

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Do The Foundational Work Before Starting Your Job Search

If you are like the majority of accountants and professionals you more than likely approach your job search in the following way. You decide it’s time to move jobs.  You open up your computer.  Update or create a new CV.  Start applying for jobs. You might be wondering what the problem is with this. Let’s […]

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