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Making Change The Norm Rather Than Something Special

The public sector is increasingly finding itself under scrutiny.  Tough times in terms of resources are usually the catalyst for increased calls for change and improvement. It is easy to think that across the public sector everything is stuck in the past and that everything can be done better. Of course in any organisation, whether […]

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What’s Working In The Organisation?

In all organisations in the public sector there is a lot of talk about finding new ways of doing things or working smarter. While all organisations can always find improvements, it come sometimes feel like 5% is going well while 95% needs to change. Yet in reality, it is probably the other way round. Chances […]

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5 Realities About Change and Improvement In Organisations

We need to change, innovate and find new ways of working.  It’s probably something that’s said a lot of the time in organisations. In the public sector it has been and will probably continue to be a recurrent theme for the foreseeable future. Having being involved in several large scale change projects, it’s fair to […]

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The Big Change Myth

Organisations are having to change and adapt.  Many private sector businesses have gone through that processes following the financial crisis. Now the public and not for profit sectors are having to deal with the realities of austerity. There are many demands and a lot of talk about the need to do things differently, re-design services, […]

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