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When Do You Stop Getting Nervous About Presenting?

I was running a workshop for one of my clients recently.  The workshop was all about being an effective presenter. As I always do on these workshops I get delegates to introduce themselves, talk about their biggest presentation challenge and what they want most from the workshop. Almost without exception nerves and feeling less nervous is always […]

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20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Presenting At Work

Presenting is a key skill for accountants and professionals.  A small number love presenting.  The rest are reluctant presenters or worse still do everything they can to avoid presenting. Perhaps that’s not that surprising.  You become competent at presenting by doing more presentations.  If you are only doing once a while, it is going to be […]

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How To Deliver A Successful Job Interview Presentation

Presentations are being used more and more by employers as part of the recruitment and selection process.For many the mere though of having to do a job interview presentation fills them with dread.Yet in truth there are a few simple things that you can do to increase your chances of success in job interview presentations.

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How To Deliver A Good Job Interview Presentation

You have been invited to interview for a job at the next level in your professional field. Chances are that you are pretty excited about this opportunity. Then you get told that you need to deliver a presentation as part of the selection process. How are you feeling now? Possibly a little anxious. Over the […]

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