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The Real Challenges Of Leading In The NHS

Leading in any organisation is a challenge. The NHS in no exception. From the outside looking in, it might seem obvious what needs to happen. When I first worked in the NHS in the early 80’s things were very different. Hospitals were a whole lot smaller. Life expectancy a whole lot shorter and of course […]

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Focus Prioritisation Performance and Results

Anyone who works or has worked in the NHS will tell you it is hard work, challenging and rewarding.  Chances are they will also talk about the frustrations of feeling that no matter how hard they run or work, it can feel at times as if they are wading through treacle and getting nowhere fast. […]

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Setting The Tone As An NHS Leader

In large organisations, including the NHS, the behaviours that are adopted by individuals, groups and teams depends to a large degree on the culture of the organisation.   Organisational culture is one of those areas that is talked about a lot.  We hear about the challenges of creating the right type of culture and there […]

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How Is Your Organisation Tackling Leadership Development?

NHS organisations are large, complex, in the spotlight and operate around the clock every day.  Given the demands on people in management and leadership roles, one would assume that getting the very best from people would be important.   Of course when money is tight and there are a lot of demands on organisations, it […]

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Audio Blog Post On Leading In The NHS

For this blog post I wanted to do something a bit different. So I have created a very short audio where I share some personal thoughts on the challenges of leading in the NHS. Please leave a comment with your own experiences of leading in the NHS. Duncan Brodie is Managing Director of Goals and […]

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What Are Your Organisational Priorities For 2014?

Few would disagree that 2013 has been a tough year for the NHS.  By the nature of the work and demands on the service this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.  The overall fragile nature of the economy means that making the best use of resources while delivering quality services will need focus. […]

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Reviewing The Healthcare Leadership Model

Over the last 6 months or so the NHS Leadership Academy has been working on a new Leadership Model for Healthcare.  This has now been published on their site.   The model identifies 9 specific dimensions:   Inspiring shared purpose   Leading with care   Evaluating information   Connecting our service   Sharing the vision […]

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Changing Attitudes To Staff In The NHS

A few months ago Andrew Hine KPMG’s head of healthcare wrote an article in the magazine Professional Manager.  The core of the article was the importance of changing the way staff are treated.  Specifically moving from a traditional view of treating people as an expense rather than an asset. So how might that be achieved […]

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7 Qualities Of Good NHS Leaders

The NHS is a massive and complex organisation with many leaders.  Having worked in the service for 15 years before setting up in  business I came across some great leaders.  So what were the 7 best qualities of those leaders? Quality 1:  Right Focus In the NHS there is always a lot of talk about […]

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