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Changing Behaviour What Helps and What Hinders

Change is something that’s talked about, a lot. There’s a lot of advice around change. Yet it’s still incredibly difficult to achieve. Changing behaviour is probably one of the difficult. Right now (in March 2020), we are all having to embrace change right across the globe as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I came across this really interesting TED […]

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Motivating Your Team

Motivation is a topic that is written and talked about a lot. It’s one of those topics that seems simple in theory but a whole lot harder in practice Why It Matters As a leader or manager you know deep down that the results that you achieve, depends on what other contributes. Even if you […]

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Take Time To Acknowledge Others

As we approach the Christmas period, those in the NHS know that they are moving into an extremely busy period.  I still remember being an On Call Director during that time.  What we all know is that staff will rise to the challenge and deal with whatever comes their way.   When you are in […]

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