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Stick With It If You Want To Achieve Anything As A Manager

You have got promoted in your professional field.  You might feel great that you are starting to make progress in your career. Of course now that you are a manager it is no longer just about what you achieve personally but what you achieve through others. Easy to say but not always to do in practice. The myths […]

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Managing People Through Times of Change

Whether you like to admit or not there are always going to be times when you face challenges when it comes to managing. One of the most demanding situations is when you are going through a period of change. Now I’m sure that you appreciate that there is change happening all of the time.  That’s just the […]

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Allowing Others to Shine When Leading and Managing

You perform well in your professional field.  You get promoted into a management role. Maybe you go even further and make it into a leadership role. Some accountants and professionals make that transition almost effortlessly.  Others find it more of a struggle. What you need to understand about managing or leading We often are presented […]

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10 Truths You Need To Know About Managing

Being a manager is a tough call.  Those more senior than you place huge demands on you and those that you manage expect you to take care of them.  Sometimes it can be really difficult so what are 10 truths you need to know about managing? Truth 1: You Cannot Set People Up To Fail […]

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How To Be A More Assertive Manager

Being a manager can at times be extremely challenging. Often when people who manage get feedback on their performance they are sometimes told that they need to assert themselves more. In these cases, it is easy to misinterpret what being more assertive is and instead of asserting yourself you become more aggressive. So how can […]

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6 Barriers To Effective Management

When you are just one of the team, managing others can seem like a stroll in the park. Yet in truth when people move into a management roles they often discover just how challenging it can be. So what are 6 key barriers to effective management? Barrier 1: Putting It At The Bottom of The […]

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