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Managing People Through Times of Change

Whether you like to admit or not there are always going to be times when you face challenges when it comes to managing. One of the most demanding situations is when you are going through a period of change. Now I’m sure that you appreciate that there is change happening all of the time.  That’s just the […]

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Adopt The Right Behaviours If You Want To Make Change

Leading change in any organisation presents challenges.  In large and often complex public sector organisations this challenge is often even greater. Making one change, even what some might regard as fairly small scale or routine can often be a massive struggle. In big organisations generally making change and realising the anticipated benefits of the change […]

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What To Do When You Are Encountering Resistance To Change

The demands on the NHS and on healthcare as a whole are increasing all of the time.  Longer life expectancy and advances in medicine mean that the need for services are going to add to that demand.   Faced with this challenge change and the need to make continuous change and improvement is just part […]

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