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The Reality of Decision Making As A Manager or Leader

Decisions lead to actions. Actions lead to results or feedback. Conceptually you get this no doubt It still isn’t easy making decisions as a manager or leader. Every decision you make is scrutinised. Decisions you make could well be wrong. And of course you worry about the impact of decisions on how others view you. That’s just the reality of decision making […]

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Being A More Effective Decision Maker

Every leader and manager understands that until a decision is made, no action is taken and if no action is taken then it is unlikely that you will deliver results.  At the same time taking decisions is not always what leaders and managers do Common Barriers To Effective Decision Making Over the years I have […]

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Get Off The Fence and Start Making Decisions

Imagine a situation where there are 2 leaders who we will call leader A and leader B. Leader A agonises over every decision whether small or large. He or she procrastinates. He or she keeps avoiding doing anything and stops anyone else doing anything. Leader B on the other hand accepts that whatever decision is […]

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