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Leveraging Key Influencers When Working On Change

Change is part and parcel of doing business.  At the same time we all know at some level that there is a big difference between talking about and actually delivering change.   In any change situation there is always going to be one big challenge that you face- getting people to buy in and support […]

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5 Realities About Change and Improvement In Organisations

We need to change, innovate and find new ways of working.  It’s probably something that’s said a lot of the time in organisations. In the public sector it has been and will probably continue to be a recurrent theme for the foreseeable future. Having being involved in several large scale change projects, it’s fair to […]

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4 Essentials When Trying To Make Change

Change is part and parcel of the role of being a leader these days.  The rate at which things evolve means that no organisation can really afford to stop or standstill.  One of the things I have noticed about change, especially large scale change is that there is no lack of expertise in process or […]

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