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7 Qualities Of Good NHS Leaders

The NHS is a massive and complex organisation with many leaders.  Having worked in the service for 15 years before setting up in  business I came across some great leaders.  So what were the 7 best qualities of those leaders? Quality 1:  Right Focus In the NHS there is always a lot of talk about […]

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10 Things All Leaders Should Aspire To Do

If you are in a leadership role or have been identified as having the potential to be in a senior management or leadership role you are clearly good at what you do right now. Being a leader in many ways like an athlete continually striving to improve on a personal best. Rest on your laurels […]

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Is It More Challenging Leading In The NHS Now?

Recently I have been conducting a series of interviews with those who currently are in or were previously in leadership roles in the NHS. One of the questions I have been asking is whether leading in the NHS is more challenging than it was in the past. There is without doubt consensus that leading in […]

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Leadership Challenges for Doctors

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with over 500 doctors on their leadership skills over a 4 year period. We all know that doctors are smart individuals who are highly capable and committed. At the same time leading is very different to being an expert. One of the first things we […]

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The Big Leadership Decisions For The NHS

Having gone through several years of year on year increases in funding, the NHS is now facing a period where for the foreseeable future funding in real terms is likely to fall. At the same time there is greater demand for services through a combination of longer life expectancy and people generally being more conscious […]

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The Unique Challenges Of Leading In The NHS

  Leaders face the same challenges whatever sector they work in.  On one level this might well be true but having work in both the NHS and outside of the NHS I believe that leaders face some unique challenges.   Public Expectations   The public have a real interest in the NHS which overall is […]

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