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Keeping It All in Perspective

You’re in a position of responsibility where the results that you achieve are dependent on the contribution of others. You probably get that as a leader. Yet there is often a disconnect between what people know and what people do. You know that to achieve anything people need to take some risk. Things might not […]

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What’s Stopping You Being An Effective Leader

If you are reading this article, I guess you either are a leader or an aspiring leader. I know that when you are on the outside looking in, being a leader can seem straightforward. Fast forward to when you are in a leadership role and it might feel a whole lot harder. I’m sure like […]

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10 People Mistakes Poor Leaders Make

Good leaders understand that the success that they deliver is down to them getting the best from each and every employee.  Given this reality you would have thought that all leaders would be determined to get the best return from what is a significant investment in employees.   At the same time there is often […]

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