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To Get Better Results When Leading, Do More of These Things

Leading is one of those areas that appears simple from the outside looking in.  Of course being the observer or analyst is a whole lot different from leading. Does that mean that getting results as a leader is impossible?  Definitely not.  At the same time it’s often the small changes that have the biggest impact. […]

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10 Leadership Success Tips

Many want to be leaders and when they reach leadership roles they struggle to achieve the results that they are capable of delivering.  So what 10 leadership success tips should leaders and emerging leaders consider? Tip 1: Focus If you are leading a team, department or even an entire organisation, you need to focus on: […]

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Everyone Can Choose To Take The Lead

This morning I was listening to a podcast from Roy Lilley on leadership. Roy is experienced. He says it how he sees it and most of the time it’s hard to disagree with what is being said. Today he said something that resonated for me. Essentially that at the end of the day leadership is […]

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5 Strategies For Responding To Setbacks

Even if you are a top performing manager or leader, chances are you will make mistakes from time to time or encounter some setbacks.  The reality is that this just goes with the territory of the manager or leader.  So what strategies can you adopt to respond to setbacks that arise?   1.                  Reflect   […]

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