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2 Unconventional Leadership: Nancy M Schlichting

I got this book as a Christmas gift from family in Michigan. Having spent many years working in the NHS I was interested in reading this book to see what lessons could be learned. While there are clearly differences between healthcare in the USA and in the UK, what was clear in my view is […]

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What Qualities Do You Look For In A Leader?

Everyone no matter what level they are at in the NHS has a boss or someone who they are accountable to.  Like most people you probably had some leaders that you worked with that you were really inspired by.  On the other hand chances are there were others who had quite the opposite effect.   […]

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The Role Of The Board In Setting The Tone

In NHS the Board have a difficult and challenging role to fulfil.  They are the group of people who among other things:   Set the strategy Develop the goals Determine priorities Deliver on a complex agenda Manage internal and external relations Inspire, motivate and get the best from people Are accountable for what is and […]

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Facing Up To Reality And Taking The Tough Decisions

Without doubt leaders and those working in healthcare organisations face some really challenging times.  Some might even say that this is the most challenging period in the history of the NHS.   With demand rising and financial resources reducing, leaders have to face up to difficult decisions. Faced with difficult decisions there is a fine balance […]

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