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Great Leadership Traits

Leading in any organisation is challenging. The NHS is no exception. In this short audio blog I share some personal thoughts on some traits of the best leaders. In many ways improving as a leader will always be work in progress. At the same time some small changes in how you operate can often yield […]

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What Qualities Do You Look For In A Leader?

Everyone no matter what level they are at in the NHS has a boss or someone who they are accountable to.  Like most people you probably had some leaders that you worked with that you were really inspired by.  On the other hand chances are there were others who had quite the opposite effect.   […]

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7 Qualities Of Good NHS Leaders

The NHS is a massive and complex organisation with many leaders.  Having worked in the service for 15 years before setting up in  business I came across some great leaders.  So what were the 7 best qualities of those leaders? Quality 1:  Right Focus In the NHS there is always a lot of talk about […]

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