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Is Your Leadership Team Playing Pass The Parcel?

As someone who worked at Board level in the NHS, I know that it is a tough and challenging environment to work in. Over the last 5 years with real pressures on government spending it has got even tougher. Of course the true test of leadership comes when faced with really difficult situations.  We all […]

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A Long Way To Go For NHS Leaders

The Kings Fund recently produced a paper that highlighted the differences in perceptions between those in Executive roles and those in clinical roles such as nurses and doctors on the quality of leadership. In many ways this might not be a surprise.  Anyone who has ever been in senior leadership role in the NHS will […]

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You Can’t Be A Leader In The NHS If…

Being in a leadership role is tough in any organisation.  In the complex and demanding environment of the NHS it is many ways tougher than a lot of organisations.   There are still many who step up and show real leadership in the NHS.  Some are more hesitant and reluctant.  Some want to do it […]

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6 Factors That Contribute To A Successful NHS Organisation

As anyone who has ever worked in the NHS will tell you, it is a tough environment where the demand for services is never known with certainty.   Despite all of this there is often a wide variation between those who consistently deliver and those who struggle.  So what factors in my experience contributes to […]

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10 Big Challenges Facing Leaders In The NHS

Leading in the NHS is certainly not for the faint hearted.  At the same time there are many highly committed and highly talented leaders trying to deal with some big challenges.  So what are some of the biggest challenges facing leaders in the NHS right now? Challenge #1: Reduced Funding While the headlines might suggest […]

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Facing Up To Reality And Taking The Tough Decisions

Without doubt leaders and those working in healthcare organisations face some really challenging times.  Some might even say that this is the most challenging period in the history of the NHS.   With demand rising and financial resources reducing, leaders have to face up to difficult decisions. Faced with difficult decisions there is a fine balance […]

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