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How Is Your Organisation Tackling Leadership Development?

NHS organisations are large, complex, in the spotlight and operate around the clock every day.  Given the demands on people in management and leadership roles, one would assume that getting the very best from people would be important.   Of course when money is tight and there are a lot of demands on organisations, it […]

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Berwick Report From Words To Actions

Listening to the news and the build up to the review carried out by Don Berwick I guess I expected there to be am lot more substance to the report.   The overall sentiment of patients being the central focus is spot on.  Yet as anyone who has ever worked in the NHS knows, it […]

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The Dangers of Procrastinating

We all know that leaders in healthcare are assessed on the basis of the results that they deliver.  I recently read that on average Chief Executive officers in the NHS get on average 20 months to show progress or they are out. By any stretch of the imagination this is a comparatively short period of […]

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