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What’s Similar and What’s Different About The Remote Job Interview

COVID-19 has changed many things. One difference is that if you are interviewing for jobs right now, chances are they will be done remotely. A question that I’m often asked is what’s different about the remote job interviews. Before I answer that, let’s look at the similarities between a remote and face to face job interview. Similarity #1: You […]

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Are Online Job Interviews Really More Difficult?

If you are looking for your next job at the present time, chances are your interview or interviews will be happening online. I’ve even had clients who have had to do a full assessment day online via Zoom. Now if all of your past experience has been doing job interviews face to face, the online job interview […]

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Why Are You The Ideal Candidate

Why are you the ideal candidate? A question you can expect to be asked in a job interview and one that many struggle with. So here’s my tip. Ahead of the job interview study the job description and person specification. And then pick out the most important variables in that job description and person specification. And then when asked that […]

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What’s Different About You?

Job interviews are competitive. One job, several candidates being interviewed. Best case scenario you have a 20-25% chance of getting the job. Equally it’s not all doom and gloom. Every candidate has something to offer. Every candidate has their own unique experiences. Every candidate has their strengths. Every candidate has weaker areas. But what different about you in your view and perhaps in […]

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How To Talk About Your Career Achievements Authentically In A Job Interview

If you are an accountant or professional, chances are you are highly committed. You do great work because that’s what’s expected. You don’t think that what you are doing is anything out of the ordinary. You are just doing your job after all, right? Here’s the problem A job interview is competitive. There’s one job and several candidates. And a sad but […]

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The Realities of Remote Job Interviews and How To Address Them

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more and more likely that you will be interviewed remotely. Now we all understand that job interviews under normal circumstances can be tough. It might feel that being interviewed for a job over Zoom or Microsoft Teams is a huge challenge. Of course for every downside of remote job interviews, there’s an […]

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Why Job Interviews Are A Struggle

Why a job interviews such a struggle for many accountants and professional people. I think one of the reasons is that people don’t identify enough potential questions and then write out answers to those questions ahead of a job interview. And as a result, what happens is they really struggle on the day and get rejected. When I […]

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