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Questions You Might Ask At The End of An Accounting Job Interview

In any job interview, you know that there will be the opportunity for you to ask questions. One thing is that many accountants worry about what questions they should or shouldn’t ask. The reality is that there is no specific questions that everyone should ask. The reason is that you are unique as a candidate. You will have areas […]

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Remote Job Interviews- What You Can Learn From Television

Being interviewed remotely for a job in accounting or your professional field is the new norm. For many this will be a whole new experience. There may well be a new level of pressure. Equally there are upsides too. In my latest expert interview I spoke with Media Coach Alan Sevens. Alan has 40 years plus experience in media. In our […]

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How To Deliver A Successful Job Interview Presentation

Presentations are being used more and more by employers as part of the recruitment and selection process.For many the mere though of having to do a job interview presentation fills them with dread.Yet in truth there are a few simple things that you can do to increase your chances of success in job interview presentations.

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What You Can and What You Can’t Influence In Job Interviews

Getting through the initial selection process and getting the invite to interview for the job is a significant achievement. Your CV, LinkedIn profile and other marketing activities has achieved the result you wanted.  Now it’s just a case of converting the invite into a job offer.  It shouldn’t be that difficult should it? Take a look at the […]

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If You Only Do This You Will Perform Better In Job Interviews

Job interviews are unique in some ways.  In a relatively short period of time the employer is trying to assess your suitability.  You are checking out the employer and your potential manager to see if you could work with them. It shouldn’t be that difficult, should it? Here’s the problem.  Neither the hiring manager nor […]

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How To Deliver A Good Job Interview Presentation

You have been invited to interview for a job at the next level in your professional field. Chances are that you are pretty excited about this opportunity. Then you get told that you need to deliver a presentation as part of the selection process. How are you feeling now? Possibly a little anxious. Over the […]

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