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The Power of Using Examples In Job Interviews

When I started out in my accounting career over 40 years ago, job interviews were different. Back then you were more than likely to be asked questions where you had to explain how you would handle a situation. These questions weren’t bad questions. The trouble with them was that they weren’t great at separating the candidates that had […]

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3 Things That Will Give You The Edge In Job Interviews

Three things that will give you the edge in job interviews. Number one, do your research on the company and the sector. Number two, go through the job description and person specification forensically and identify potential questions. Number three, practice answering questions out loud, including doing a mock interview with someone who can help you to come up […]

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How To Talk About Your Weaknesses In A Job Interview

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. I just wanted to do a quick live this morning to talk about an area that I know is a struggle for many people, particularly people from professional backgrounds like Accountants, who I work with extensively. And the topic I want to talk about this morning is how […]

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Preliminary Job Interviews and Informal Chats

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. In this video, I want to talk very briefly about the informal chat or preliminary interview. You see over recent weeks, what I’ve noticed is that more and more of my clients are being invited to go along for an informal chat ahead of the formal interview. Now one […]

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Why You Should Arrange A Mock Job Interview Ahead of The Real Thing

Job interviews are part and parcel of landing your next job. If your application has done its job and got you through the screening process, you are a big step closer to getting the job. Here’s the problem.  Many accountants and professionals struggle in job interviews. This might surprise you.  On the other hand think about it. Most of […]

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10 Realities of Job Interviews That You Need To Know

The goal of the job interview is pretty straightforward.  To find the best person from those that have been invited to interview. While the goal of the job interview is pretty straightforward, there are certain realities that you need to be aware of as the candidate. So what are 10 realities of job interviews that you need […]

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