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How To Discover What Sets You Apart From Other Accountants

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. In this video, I want to explore what makes you different from every other accountant out there. Now you know, this is the kind of question that you might get asked in a job interview probably as a way of separating out you from other candidates. And the trouble […]

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Talking About Your Career Aspirations In Job Interviews

Job interviews are strange in many respects. You as the candidate are trying to showcase yourself and demonstrate you are right for the role. The hiring manager is looking for assurance that you can do the job and will fit in. In the job interview you will be asked many questions. Chances are you will be asked about your […]

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Why Do You Want This Job?

There are many questions that you might be asked in a job interview. One of the most likely is why do you want this job? On the face of it this shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer.  In reality it’s one of those questions that accountants struggle to answer. Why is it a struggle […]

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Answering Job Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses

You want to shine and stand out in your next job interview. As a result you want to be talking positively about your skills, your experiences, your accomplishments and achievements. A good interviewer will create plenty of opportunities to talk about the value you will bring. Of course you can expect to be asked about […]

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