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Dealing With Performance Issues In NHS Organisations

In any large organisation like the NHS there are going to be times when things go well and other times when there are performance.  The reality is that a lot of the time things do go well.  On the other hand it is the performance issues that get publicised and as a result the feeling […]

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How To Boost Organisational Performance

Every NHS and healthcare organisation wants to do the very best it can and deliver the level of performance that it can be proud of.  At the same time there are often significant variations between organisations.   So how can leadership teams in the NHS boost performance and deliver the kind of results that they […]

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Learning From Other Sectors and Industries

When I worked in the NHS one of the things that you noticed is that people know the sector.  On one hand this is a real asset.  At the same time there is a danger that it can actually be a limiting constraint.   When it comes to recruiting for non clinical roles for example, […]

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