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Creating The Conditions For Successful Teams

There are plenty of organisations, leaders and managers who talk about the importance of teams and team working to achieving organisational objectives.    At the same time there is often a huge difference between what is said and what actually happens in practice.  In some ways organisations put barriers in place that hinder rather than […]

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8 Real Reasons Why Your Team Is Underperforming

One of the biggest factors in your success as a leader or manager is your ability to get results through teams. While many managers and leaders get this at a conceptual level, they still struggle to get the level of performance from their team. So what are 8 real reasons why your team is underperforming? […]

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Improving Team Working In The NHS

Being one of the biggest employers in the world means that there is huge potential for teams to deliver great results.  While there are many examples of teams working together, there are also opportunities to improve team working between different disciplines. So what can the NHS do to get even better at team working?   […]

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