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The Building Blocks To Being A Better Business Partner

Business partnering in finance and other functional areas like IT, procurement and HR is becoming more and more common. This is in part being driven by advances in technology. But also by functional professionals themselves wanting more rewarding work. And let’s not forget the changing demands of business itself. Of course being a business partner is a whole lot […]

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What Makes Someone A Great Finance Business Partner?

The role of the accountant has changed a lot in the almost 41 years since I had my first job in accounting. Back then there wasn’t the same variety of roles. And Finance Business Partnering wasn’t on the radar. Now, it’s becoming more and more common. So what makes someone a great finance business partner? Here’s my thoughts. Technically competent My choice […]

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When Do You Stop Getting Nervous About Presenting?

I was running a workshop for one of my clients recently.  The workshop was all about being an effective presenter. As I always do on these workshops I get delegates to introduce themselves, talk about their biggest presentation challenge and what they want most from the workshop. Almost without exception nerves and feeling less nervous is always […]

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10 Ways To Be A More Effective Business Partner

The role of the accountant is changing.  As more and more technology becomes available, a lot of what might have been considered traditional accounting work is now being automated. As a result, many accountants are taking on roles as business partners.  Some will relish the opportunity.  For others it might be more of a challenge. What we, […]

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Being An Even Better Finance Business Partner

The role of the management accountant is changing all the time.  When I started out in my career, the finance function was very much in the background. Over the years it has continually evolved.  The idea of the accountant working alongside the business became more common.This went a step further with the increasing move towards Finance […]

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How To Make A Bigger Impact As A Finance Business Partner

Technology, automation and the demands facing business are all impacting on the role of accountants in business. Increasingly management accountants in industry, commerce and the public sector are being asked towards finance business partnering. In essence to spending less time recording and reporting and more time creating, adding and protecting value. Some accountants are really embracing the opportunity.  […]

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