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The Secrets To Being A Successful Finance Manager With Robin Kiziak

There’s a lot published in various formats on the role of the Finance Business Partner and CFO. Less is published about the role of the Finance Manager. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview highly experienced Hardcore Finance Manager Robin Kiziak. In our interview Robin shared his insights into being successful as a Finance Manager […]

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20 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Presenting At Work

Presenting is a key skill for accountants and professionals.  A small number love presenting.  The rest are reluctant presenters or worse still do everything they can to avoid presenting. Perhaps that’s not that surprising.  You become competent at presenting by doing more presentations.  If you are only doing once a while, it is going to be […]

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How To Raise Your Profile At Work

Once upon a time a professional accountancy qualification would have almost guaranteed career success.   When I started out in accountancy, having a professional qualification was the exception.   I was doing some research for a presentation I was giving to ACCA members last year.  What I discovered is that the number of ACCA members had increased by a […]

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Being An Even Better Finance Business Partner

The role of the management accountant is changing all the time.  When I started out in my career, the finance function was very much in the background. Over the years it has continually evolved.  The idea of the accountant working alongside the business became more common.This went a step further with the increasing move towards Finance […]

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