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1 Delivering In Challenging Times

There is no doubt that the NHS and indeed all of the public sector is going through a very demanding period.  Some suggest that it never has been so difficult. In the audio blog I share some thoughts on what leaders, managers and staff can do to continue to deliver in challenging times. Duncan Brodie […]

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How To Boost Organisational Performance

Every NHS and healthcare organisation wants to do the very best it can and deliver the level of performance that it can be proud of.  At the same time there are often significant variations between organisations.   So how can leadership teams in the NHS boost performance and deliver the kind of results that they […]

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The Dangers of Procrastinating

We all know that leaders in healthcare are assessed on the basis of the results that they deliver.  I recently read that on average Chief Executive officers in the NHS get on average 20 months to show progress or they are out. By any stretch of the imagination this is a comparatively short period of […]

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