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Why Imposing Change Never Works

Getting the buy in and support of the critical mass is one of the key contributors to making change in my experience. Despite the vast majority of leaders not just understanding but recognising it really matters, there are still plenty examples around of trying to impose change. Now it might seem like the easy way […]

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Do A Reality Check

We all know that the pressure on organisations these days is significant. Those who lead organisations understand that if they fail to change or adapt they can easily become irrelevant. So the case for change might seem pretty compelling. Surely working on another idea or change won’t be that much of an issue for people. […]

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Why Change Goes Wrong and What To Do Instead

It’s suggested that as many as 70% of changes either fail or partly fail to achieve all of the benefits that were anticipated.  In many ways the scale of failing is way below what most would expect. So why does change go wrong?  I think there are many reasons, including: There is a lack of […]

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The Real Reasons Why Making Change Is Hard

If any organisation is going to continue to thrive and prosper it needs to change and adapt to what is happening externally and internally.  At a conceptual level people understand this.  On the other hand that does not necessarily mean that people embrace change. So what are some of the reasons why making change in […]

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Looking For The Bright Spots When Trying To Make Change

It’s fair to say that the public and not for profit sectors are going through a period of real challenge right.  The continued pressures to work within an ever decreasing pot of resourcing is presenting some real difficulties. While many organisations are struggling, it is not universal.  Even within organisations there are often what might […]

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Why Is Change Such A Challenge In The NHS?

We need to change, transform the way we work and make service improvement.  Familiar words to anyone who works in the NHS and to the public generally. From the outside looking in you might be thinking what’s taking so long.  In many ways it’s a fair challenge.  Yet the reality is that making change in […]

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