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20 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Your CV

As an accountant or professional you understand that your CV is a key part of your marketing materials. A good CV will increase your chances of getting invited to interview.  If you reach the interview stage the odds of you landing the job increase significantly. Here’s the problem.  Despite there being plenty of advice out there on […]

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The Foundations to Create A CV That Gets Results

“Informal research I’ve done suggests you have less than 30 seconds to get the attention of a recruiter .”- Duncan Brodie – Your CV is a vital part of your marketing materials.  You probably knew that. At the same time over the years I’ve noticed that many accountants and professionals really struggle to create a CV […]

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The Number One Objective of Your CV

As a professional you understand that your CV is important to you landing your next job. Writing a CV can be challenging. It’s something that many professionals often struggle with. Maybe there’s a perception that if you have the right qualifications you don’t need to market yourself. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth. […]

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