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Sometimes It Takes Something Significant To Change

I was running an online full day workshop recently.  The fact that it was online was a change. Early on in the workshop we had a group discussions around what COVID-19 had taught us about change. One thing that came out loud and clear was that when we need to change we can and do. Several delegates spoke […]

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Adopt The Right Behaviours If You Want To Make Change

Leading change in any organisation presents challenges.  In large and often complex public sector organisations this challenge is often even greater. Making one change, even what some might regard as fairly small scale or routine can often be a massive struggle. In big organisations generally making change and realising the anticipated benefits of the change […]

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Is Your Case For Change Compelling Enough?

At one level all leadership teams and employees understand that change and improvement is an important part of the continued success and sometimes just to stay competitive. Yet as most know, actually initiating, delivering and realising the benefits of change and improvement is much harder than it seems.  Some statistics suggest that as much as […]

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4 Essentials When Trying To Make Change

Change is part and parcel of the role of being a leader these days.  The rate at which things evolve means that no organisation can really afford to stop or standstill.  One of the things I have noticed about change, especially large scale change is that there is no lack of expertise in process or […]

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