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The Real Consequences of Failing To Change

Let’s face it many of us find change hard. Even when what we have is not great by any stretch of the imagination. I was working on a presentation recently about influencing change. As part of that presentation, I was thinking about organisations that either lost their way or in some cases went out of […]

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1 The Upside of Change

Change is happening all of the time in life and in organisations. Every so often the scale of change ramps up and the stakes are higher. We all know that resistance to change is common. We also recognise that change is hard for everyone, not least those leading or managing change. In any situation where […]

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What’s Working In The Organisation?

In all organisations in the public sector there is a lot of talk about finding new ways of doing things or working smarter. While all organisations can always find improvements, it come sometimes feel like 5% is going well while 95% needs to change. Yet in reality, it is probably the other way round. Chances […]

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The Importance of Clarity When Trying To Make Change

Any organisation whatever industry or sector it operates has to move forward.  In many ways people in organisations are always in change mode. They set plans for the day or week.  Things don’t always go as expected or there are obstacles to overcome.  Most of the time people find a way. From time to time […]

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