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If This Was Missing You Wouldn’t Be Human

I had someone get in touch recently telling me about their challenges in making change. Now I guess we all know that if something was easy everyone would be doing it. At the same time if everyone was doing something it might seem a lot less appealing. Of course people who actively seek out opportunities […]

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5 Realities About Change and Improvement In Organisations

We need to change, innovate and find new ways of working.  It’s probably something that’s said a lot of the time in organisations. In the public sector it has been and will probably continue to be a recurrent theme for the foreseeable future. Having being involved in several large scale change projects, it’s fair to […]

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Is Your Case For Change Compelling Enough?

At one level all leadership teams and employees understand that change and improvement is an important part of the continued success and sometimes just to stay competitive. Yet as most know, actually initiating, delivering and realising the benefits of change and improvement is much harder than it seems.  Some statistics suggest that as much as […]

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