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Don’t Let Your Mindset Hold You Back In Your Career

You’re an accountant or other professional. You have got your professional qualifications. You do good work. Yet you are not making the kind of progress that you know you should in your career. Sadly this is a lot more common than it might seem. When I was delivering a webinar almost two-thirds of people of the accountants on the webinar […]

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Learning From Others

I was on a Zoom meeting recently with someone in my network. Both of us had a similar route into work at 15 or 16 with basic qualifications. Despite that we both got professional qualifications and did alright in our respective careers. One thing we spoke about was the importance of having others you can learn from. You might […]

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10 Ways To Make A Bigger Contribution At Work

As an accountant or professional you are smart, talented and have a lot of potential. Maybe your career is going well right now.  Maybe you are doing okay.  Or maybe you are struggling. You know that there will highs and lows in your career.  It’s just the way it is. On the other hand there are always opportunities […]

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How To Raise Your Profile At Work

Once upon a time a professional accountancy qualification would have almost guaranteed career success.   When I started out in accountancy, having a professional qualification was the exception.   I was doing some research for a presentation I was giving to ACCA members last year.  What I discovered is that the number of ACCA members had increased by a […]

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Know What Sets You Apart In Your Professional Field

You’re an accountant, lawyer, procurement or IT professional.  Most professionals when introducing themselves lead with their job title. They assume that the person they are speaking to knows what that profession is about Take accountancy which is my professional. Mention accountant to people when you introduce yourself and chances are others will think: Interested in […]

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Not What You Do But What You Contribute

I was speaking with a friend recently who has set up his own consultancy. Before that he had built a long and successful career in a major organisation. During our discussion he mentioned that he had recently met up with some friends who were still employed. As is common, people asked him what he does […]

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