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Don’t Let Your Mindset Hold You Back In Your Career

You’re an accountant or other professional. You have got your professional qualifications. You do good work. Yet you are not making the kind of progress that you know you should in your career. Sadly this is a lot more common than it might seem. When I was delivering a webinar almost two-thirds of people of the accountants on the webinar […]

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Stay Relevant or Risk Becoming Stuck In Your Professional Career

In days gone by a professional qualification might well have been seen as a passport to a highly successful career. The trouble is that this is no longer the case.  Things change quickly.  Technology and Artificial Technology is causing disruption, changing roles, business processes and even business models. For example look at retail banking.  40 […]

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Why You Need To Own Your Career

I had an interesting email exchange with one of my clients recently.  In essence the client was checking when they should start looking for their next role. Advice that the client had received was that it was best to wait to nearer the time when they would be available to apply for their next role. […]

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