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Stick With It If You Want To Achieve Anything As A Manager

You have got promoted in your professional field.  You might feel great that you are starting to make progress in your career. Of course now that you are a manager it is no longer just about what you achieve personally but what you achieve through others. Easy to say but not always to do in practice. The myths […]

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How To Be A Good Manager

The career path for professionals is very familiar. Do a good job as a professional and you get promoted. When promoted you have to manage fellow professionals. It can be tough. So how can you make that transition and be a good manager? Remember that getting better as a manager is continual work in progress.

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What Can You Change To Be An Even Better Manager?

Managing is tough. You have so many different demands from different stakeholders. On the other hand there are often small changes that you can make to be an even better manager. So what are some of these changes? You can focus on your priorities There is rarely an issue with too much time and too […]

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