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4 Reasons Why A Leader Might Want To Consider Having A Coach

In just about every field where people are successful, they have a coach or in the case of teams several coaches. Over the years the number of coaches working with leaders in organisations has increased significantly. As someone who has worked at senior levels in large organisations and has been a qualified coach since 2006, […]

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10 Leadership Success Tips

Many want to be leaders and when they reach leadership roles they struggle to achieve the results that they are capable of delivering.  So what 10 leadership success tips should leaders and emerging leaders consider? Tip 1: Focus If you are leading a team, department or even an entire organisation, you need to focus on: […]

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How Much Clarity Are You Providing As A Leader?

As a leader you are ultimately judged on the results that you deliver. Seems fair, right? On the other hand how much clarity do you have on the outcomes you want to achieve? If you were to look at your current role on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 =little clarity, 100= total clarity), […]

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