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One Of The Most Important Questions Leaders Can Ask

2020 has shown us just how quickly things can change. Many businesses were going along, doing okay and then COVID-19 hit. As is always the case, there were winners and losers. Technology became an even more critical part of life and business. I’ve even heard people say that technology they have been trying to get people to buy in […]

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Leading In Uncertain Times With Jude Jennison

Leading is tough a lot of the time. In these uncertain times it becomes even more of a challenge. In this expert interview, Jude Jennison shares her insights into leading in times of uncertainty. She shares her expert insights on:The role of the leader in normal timesHow leaders need to adapt when leading in uncertain timesThe 3 most […]

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10 Questions To Ask In Challenging Times

Organisations need good leaders at all times.  In challenging times the role of leader and leaders (who might not necessarily be the most senior people) becomes even more critical. Right now being a leader is tough.  Thinking clearly, making the best choices and navigating the business will be a challenge for all leaders. So what are 10 […]

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Thoughts On Leadership

A former boss of mine once said that leadership is hard to define but that you know it when you see it. In this short video I share some thoughts and perspectives on leadership. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about leading. And I’ve realised that you are never really the finished article when […]

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9 Enablers To Being An Even Better Leader

Leading is tough and challenging. Some do a great job at leading. Others do okay and some struggle. What I learned over the years is that there is no formula or blueprint that you can follow that will always produce the results you want or hope to achieve. At the same time there are enablers […]

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What’s It Like Being A Leader In The NHS?

Many people start out on their career, seeking to go as far as they can.  Ultimately this usually means moving from just working in your area of professional or technical expertise to a much broader leadership role. I made this transition myself starting out at the very bottom in Finance in the NHS to a […]

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